Tyler Busse

Tyler Busse
Goldsmith / Stone Setter

Inspiration: To continue in our family business so I can pass it on.
My motto: Nothing to it but to do it.
Really love: Skiing, wakeboarding, boating, motorcycles, fishing, camping... anything outdoors.

Related Experience / Education, etc: Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts Stone Setting I and II (2006); New Approach School for Jewelers Stone Setting Comprehensive (2006)

Awards: 2nd runner up in Illinois Jewelry Association 20th Annual Jewelry Design Competition (2006)

Strongly dislike: Bad weather when I'm off work.

Favorite memory: It was summer 2008 when a huge Chinese carp jumped out of the Mississippi River and landed in the boat I was in.

Perfect day: Sunny, hot, and in the water.

Favorite book: (Sorry but I don't have time to sit and read right now)

Favorite movie: Anything with comedy or action.

Favorite song or album: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite vacation destination: Ocean and beach or the Smokey Mountains.

Favorite food: Chicken stuffed with dried beef wrapped with bacon and cooked in cream of mushroom soup.

Favorite holiday: Everyone likes Christmas but I like 4th of July most.

Favorite subject when I was in school: I really liked math but history was interesting, too.

Childhood ambition: To find a cure for diabetes.

First job: Officially Dairy Queen; other than that, probably selling lemonade or polishing rings after school for my mom.

My friends and family think I'm: Trustworthy, fun to be around.

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