Sheri J. Busse, R.J., A.J.P.

Sheri J. Busse, R.J., A.J.P.
President, Emerald City Jewelers

Inspiration: I look for the good in everyone I meet.
My Motto: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Really love: Boating

Related Experience / Education, etc:

Professional Education

American Gem Society, Registered Jeweler 2006
Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Accredited Jewelry Professional, 2005
Extension courses taken through the GIA include: Platinum Repair, Advanced Stone Setting, Gemstone Identification, Diamond Grading, Colored Gemstone Grading.
Gem City College, 1980 - courses include jewelry repair and hand engraving
Iowa State University: Major in Art and Design with emphasis area in Clay, Metal and Wood Professional Affiliations
President, Illinois Jewelers Association (2007-present)
Vice-President, Illinois Jewelers Association (2006-07)
Secretary-Treasurer, Illinois Jewelers Association (2002-06)
Director, Illinois Jewelers Association (1997-2002)
Director, YWCA of Quincy (2001-06)

Strongly dislike: Scary movies and staples in the carpet.

Favorite memory: A surprise visit from my family on my 18th birthday when I was homesick away at college.

Perfect day: 80 degree summer day fishing off the bank of a Minnesota lake followed by karaoke and dancing.

Favorite book: The Alchemist

Favorite movie: One would think The Wizard of Oz but my real favorite is The Princess Bride.

Favorite song or album: Me & U by Kenny Chesney

Favorite vacation destination: Any place with a beach.

Favorite food(s): I have a real weakness for jalapeno poppers and hot wings.

Favorite holiday: Christmas through New Year's Day

Favorite subject when I was in school: Metallurgy

Childhood ambition: To own a bakery.

First job: Hospital kitchen serving and dishes (I applied for a job called Dietitian's Assistant!).

My friends and family think I'm: Generous.

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